Volume V

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Audio Horror Stories with Music Accompaniment
By Frank Macchia and Tracy London

Fifth Sequel to 1997 WINNER of Publishers Weekly Listen Up Award

Enter the world of fear and terror as Little Evil Things, Volume V
continues the highly successful series of original horror stories with modern music and sound design, featuring some of Los Angeles’ top studio musicians.


Track 1: The Impaler

Track 2: Whispers in The Attic

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Little Evil Things will have you on the edge of your seat. It is also truly unique in that Macchia has tailored his original music to the actors’ performances, resulting in a film-like musical score. It is this perfect marriage of words and music that ultimately sets an effective and creepy atmosphere for these compelling stories.
Volume V tells five new tales of terror to chill your bones:

  • Whispers in the Attic
    Greetings and salutations from an old friend.
  • The Happy Wanderer
    A driver who has lost his way finds a new way home.
  • O.S. 666
    A software giant creates the perfect world.
  • Dreamgirl
    An unfaithful husband finds the girl of his dreams.
  • The Impaler
    A mysterious creature is cloned from a fossil.
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