Volume II

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Let the terror continue as the original horror stories of Little Evil Things, Volume II take over where Volume I left off. Award-winning composer Frank Macchia and writer/actress Tracy London have updated the concept of storytelling by developing a new audio format which combines the spoken word with music and sound design. Macchia tailors his original music to the actors’ performances, resulting in a unique film-like musical score.


Track 1: It’s in the Water

Track 4: Blubb

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The perfect horror story recordings for Halloween and other frightening events!

In this, the second volume of Little Evil Things, we present four new tales of terror:

  • The Thing in the Jar
    A strange jar unleashes the evil inside to all who open it.
  • Sisters
    Siamese twins get the surprise of their lives as they attempt to separate.
  • It’s in the Water
    A man’s fear of water threatens to destroy him.
  • Blubb
    A giant monster made of fat terrorizes Beverly Hills.

Sit back but dont relax as Little Evil Things unfolds, spinning tales of fear and terror to chill your bones and let your imagination run wild!

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