Volume I

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Open the door to unearthly terror and entertainment as Little Evil Things transports you to a new level of horror and suspense. These five tightly paced horror stories on audio cassette and compact disc are sprinkled with irony and humor and will make you chuckle as they terrify you out of your wits!

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Track 1: Little Evil Thing

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Inspired by the classic horror radio shows of the 1940’s, award winning composer Frank Macchia and writer Tracy London have updated the concept of storytelling by developing a new audio format which combines the spoken word with modern music and sound design.

More than just a book being read, more than just scary music, Little Evil Things is a unique listening experience where the music has actually been tailored to the actors’ performances like the underscore of a film. The marriage of storytelling and continuous music allows the listener to become totally immersed in a world of terrifying drama, resulting in 56 minutes of spellbinding entertainment for young and old alike.

In this, the first volume of Little Evil Things, we present five tales of terror, featuring a talented cast and starring narrator Jim McDonnell:

  • Transformation
    Experience first hand the sensation of becoming a werewolf.

  • Little Evil Thing
    A woman gets more than she bargains for when she rescues a strange creature.

  • The Quiet Child
    Beware of the little boy with the power to control minds.

  • It’s After Me!
    A man with classic nightmares meets with a surprising end.

  • Parasites
    A greedy man gets his just desserts as creatures invade his body.

Sit back, but don’t relax as Little Evil Things unfolds, spinning tales of fear and terror to chill your bones and let your imagination run wild!

Halloween Horror!

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