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Horror stories for Halloween and other events.
Spooky stories on CD-Rom.

Little Evil Things are cd recordings of spectacular horror stories sprinkled with professional music and sound effects. Spooky stories have always been a source of entertainment around the Halloween holidays, but these are worth listening to on any day!

Inspired by the classic horror radio shows of the 1940’s, award winning composer Frank Macchia and writer Tracy London have updated the concept of storytelling by developing a new audio format which combines the spoken word with modern music and sound design.

More than just a book being read, more than just scary music, Little Evil Things is a unique listening experience where the music has actually been tailored to the actors’ performances like the underscore of a film. The marriage of storytelling and continuous music allows the listener to become totally immersed in a world of terrifying drama, resulting in 56 minutes of spellbinding entertainment for young and old alike.

Halloween Horror stories for year round listening!